Peter Bloomfield

I am very sorry to be the bearer of sad news. I have just heard that Peter passed away yesterday
 on Friday, 27th September 2019 at his Texas home. R.I.P Peter
Tony Crowther. 28 September 2019.


I had a phone conversation with Peter today as I had heard from a mutual friend that he was not doing well. For a couple of years now he has been treated for esophagus cancer and associated elements but the cancer is now untreatable. During the last few months  he has had several bouts of pneumonia and is now having hospice care at his home north of Houston, Texas. He is quite frail and tires easily but we had a good chat and I told him that I would pass the news on to his old shipmates via the Forum and let them have his contact details.
Sorry to have to pass on this news about "Bloomers", definitely one RSL character! 
We first sailed together more than 57 years ago on the maiden voyage of the "Cardiff City" - I was third mate and he was one of the four apprentices on that long voyage.  In later years when I was at the ripe old age of 57 he called me one day in Vancouver and I ended up flying down to Houston a couple of days later and ended up working alongside Peter and others as a Marine Consultant for Noble Denton for 10 years, first out of their Houston office and later their Newfoundland offices, before I retired for the last time in 2007! 
I have a lot to thank him for in contributing to my life - a good friend indeed!
Tony Crowther. 26 September 2019.


Reaching 70. My mother did not get past 69,Her eldest Brother got to 63 and youngest just made 70.My youngest cousin made 54 and eldest is 6 months older than me./M Yes I remember my 21 st on the Cardiff City in 1963 passing through the Indonesian Isalnds.After we had arrived in
Kobe on Friday the 13th and tied uo to Buoy 13,Which had Picton Davis hoping from foot to foot LOL
I was wondering the other day about Diamond Lil and our late nights in the Sandringham or should I say early mornings,
The latest we ever left was 0545 yes 0545. Graham Johnson out of the window and dancing on the canopy over the entrance
or was it Stewart Johnson lol, Fine members of the RSL family.
Glad Ian helped me get on here now the next thing is to find out how to view the numerous Photos
Bye for now as I got home 3 hrs ago after my flight from Lagos to Houston took 14 hrs - it was 90 mins late due to strong headwinds. Pete "Bloomers".

March 2012.