Bruce Clifford

Bruce died suddenly in 1984. He sailed on the New Westminster City 1960/1961.

My Father, Bruce Clifford, allegedly served on the New Westminster City in 1960-1961, he was serving his apprenticeship as an Electrician with the Sunderland Forge and Engineering Company and on the 08/07/1960 he was released from his apprenticeship for sea going experience as an Electrician.

Having left Sunderland Forge, he commenced seagoing duties with Sir William Reardon Smith Company and served on the New Westminster City as, we believe a Third Engineer or Electrical Officer.

Unfortunately my father died suddenly in 1984, however, he had very happy memories of the short time he spent on The New Westminster City and I have attached a couple of photographs that may be of some use to you or the website you have set up.

The first shows my father on the left and a colleague (Who my mother believes was nicknamed ''Dermy'', whether he knew this or not is another question!), the second shows my father on the right and another. It would of course be interesting to share any information or photographs of my father etc. should this be possible. Bruce Clifford (jnr.)

Bruce  Clifford on the right   Bruce Clifford on the left
  1960. Bruce Clifford, electrician, shown above on the left and on the right for the other photo.

March 2012.