Caroline Vanner

My name is Caroline Vanner, my father Richard Anthony Hughs Vanner was a captain for Reardon Smith from approx 1958 to 1980 ish?? I’m not quite sure when he got his Master certificate but I know he joined Reardon Smith as soon as he was a qualified Captain, I know this as myself and my twin sister Alexandra along with my mother travelled the world with him for many years. We even had nannies on the ships to tutor us, it was only as we grew older and had to be schooled appropriately that we could no longer travel on long voyages.
All of my childhood memories are on a ship… the ones I remember are the Vancouver, Westminster, Cardiff, Welsh and many more. I have pictures and dates somewhere of every ship we ever travelled on and where it went and why!!

The whole reason of me making this contact is because……. Firstly unfortunately my father is no longer with us and I am longing to find out more information.

Please please could I firstly add my father to your list of members as this would make me hugely proud

February 2012.