Graham Mapplebeck

Just checking in for the first time and a particular hello and Best Wishes to all who knew me when in RSL (March 1965 - Sept 1974). Good site and good to see so many old colleagues using it to swap memories of a great company and good shipmates. Also regularly track the RSL forum on "Ships Nostaglia".
I've been ashore a long time now but still regard myself as a "Smith's man" and proud of it. Fond memories of the 2002 reunion.
Presently working in the International Maritime Organization London. Graham Mapplebeck. Posted on forum 11 November 2009.

Greetings to all on Australia Day.
Just to update my entry as you recently requested from everyone Eric. I am now retired from the International Maritime Organization and enjoying retirement while still living in London with my wife, Janie, who also retired from IMO at the same time. Graham Mapplebeck. Posted on forum 26 January 2012.

How did I come to join the Company? Well as a youngster (and I mean less than 10yrs !!) I was a fanatical 'shipspotter' and I used to haunt the docks in Middlesbrough, (before the days of security !!) with ambitions of going to sea as soon as I left school. (which I eventually did!!) Good memories of those days with the docks full of cargo liner companies' ships such as Clan Line, Glen Line, BI, Brocklebanks, Ben Line, Ellerman's, Blue Star etc etc, (I knew them all!!) as well as the occasional 'tramp' ship on charter to a cargo liner....and what a day that was for a (anorakked !) shipspotter.
Anyway, there was a picture in the 'Ian Allan' volume of Cargo ships dated 1961, of the old Atlantic City (1941 version) going under the bridge at Vancouver and in fact at a similar position to that of the Devon City going under the same bridge on this thread. After seeing that, and I can't put my finger on it as to why, but all of a sudden the name Sir William Reardon Smith had a certain ring about it and was THE company that I was going to join.

....and I did at age 16....with absolutely no regrets...and now some 48 years after I joined, I still proudly regard myself as an ex-Smiths man. Posted on forum 20 March 2013.