David Kirley

Hi Mike and many other familiar names in this thread.

Mike I think we last met at Gordano Rugby club 20 plus years back ! Presumably you far too old to pull the boots on now !

Glynne - believe we sailed together on the Prince Rupert in 1977.

Ian ( Stewart ) we go all the way back to god knows when !

Tex we had our fun on the Sonia M plus Silvia Sofia / Bibi if my memory is correct.

Alec of course we were together at CSM. Reg we last met on a Singapore Airlines fight to London I believe !

For all the other familiar names Hi !

For me well what to say. Sailed from 1973 to 1988 ish - Last vessel was Sonia M with Tex and others including the late Kenny Hampton.

After a spell in the Cardiff office - I worked as a surveyor in the Bristol Channel from 1991 until 1997 when I joined Gearbulk - the Buries Marks / Dreyfus Gantry crane outfit. Initially as port captain and subsequently have had a great time with them as Operations Manager in SEAsia, USA, Asia Pacific and am not back in UK Head Office.

I keep in fairly regular contact with Mike Martyn Johns - Jeremy Hudson - Jerry Pink ( in australia ) and have over the last 5 or 6 years come into occasional contact with a few others including Andy Morris in Hong Kong and Mike Cox but thats quite some time back now

There are many others of course too numerous to mention.


December 2011.