Glynne Morgan

Thanks for the warm welcome Mike, I have spent the last few days looking through the forum casting my mind back to all the fond memories while sailing with RSL and here is a brief history of my career so far!
Port Alberni City 73 - 74 as J/E (Danny Lloyd - Malcolm Rayner)
New Westminster City 74 ( ? - Cuthburtson/Tex where I learned Jordy)
Fresno City 75 J/4E
Sara Lupe 75 4/E (Kalnins - ?)
Victoria City 76 4/E ( Whittingham - ? )
Prince Rupert City 77 4/E & J3/E (Whittingham - Dave Jones)
Married the present Mrs Morgan 77 (Gill)
Prince Rupert City 78 3/E (Tony Lightfoot - Terry Davies)
Joined engineering company in Cardiff 78 - 83
Started in plant sales and hire in 83 until 2005.
2005 - to present day working part time consultancy, assisting Police forces in identifying plant and machinery.
2 Sons and living in the Pontypridd area.
Still in touch with DB Evans 'Tiny' and Pete Monroe who is living in Mexico!


November 2011.