Dave Pittendrigh

I was truly amazed when Moira told me of the web site she had found and more amazed after seeing so many faces from the past.Many memories flooded back, so long ago but so real. I have several more photographs if needed.
So great to hear from you after all these years. Say a big to Tony L 2
Brief history: Joined Chloride Batteries (Exide) and moved to Scotland with them, hence Kirkintilloch. Married Christine in 63. Have two children. Moira you've "met" lives and teaches in Northumberland and Gordon who with his wife are backpacking in South America. They normally live in Poole (not Sandbanks!!!)
Great to hear from you. Dave.

Three officers with a car   Three officers on the beach
Freemantle May 10th ’55. John Cann 3/O - Dave Pittendrigh R/O - Desmond App.   Freemantle May 10th ‘55. Dave Pittendrigh R/O - Desmond App - John Cann 3/O.


November 2011. Photographs copyright © John Cann