Moira Pittendrigh

My father is David Pittendrigh, as in the photos for the Homer City. He is still in Kirkintilloch but as you say was from Levenshulme. I found the web page and emailed it him. It brought many memories of photos that he developed and still has. Moira Pittendrigh. Posted on Forum 19th November 2011.

I was delighted to hear of your Dad and that he is still around although not in Levenshulme any more! I live in Nottingham but my eldest daughter is in Didsbury and we frequently drive up to see her and her family. I have often been reminded of your Dad when up there. You will probably have noticed that both Tony Lightfoot and myself were on the "Homer City" with him in 1954. I was 22 at the time. How did he migrate to Scotland? was it his job or, maybe a "female attraction"?
Anyway, from us all here at the RSL Forum,thank you for being in touch and would be pleased to hear from him. Being an ex "Sparks" I assume he has a computer. John Cann. Posted on Forum 20th November 2011.


November 2011.