Alan McAlmont

Did eventually look into RSL website. Must admit I was very impressed. Noted a lot a names of people that I had sailed with from Tony Lightfoot, Robby Stuart, Robbie Bell (could tell you stories about the glass eye) etc. Sad to see that Danny Trigg died he was a great guy. I remember one time we were down in Pascagoula, Mississippi waiting for orders (we did eventually go to Albany, NY and load grain for India), can't remember the ship off hand but I'll look it up and let you know. It was back in the 60's around 66 I think. Any how Danny decided to by an outboard motor 100hp everude or something like it. We then clamped it on the the stern of the painting raft (pontoon type) - you have never seen anything move so fast in your life. Pulling cat fish our of the Mississippi and going to Roy's Place in the lifeboat at night, good times, good laughs, and good people. I'll never regret the time I spent in RSL - all good. Believe Tony Crowther who I sailed with is in Pacific Northwest. I haven't been there for Maersk in a while but the next time I go I'll try and find him. There are many others mentioned in the posts that I sailed with, too many to mention. PJ Prendergast is another, it goes on and on. Share this mail with others as you like. I have no problem with you giving out my email address, although I will sign up on the RSL site soon. Also note that many ex RSL now with Maersk.

October 2011.