Roger Miller

I stumbled over this site recently and have really enjoyed drifting down memory lane reading the posts and the info on the website. Now I think it is about time I posted a short update about myself...

My seagoing career started as a "rent-a-sparks" working on ships run by several shipping companies while employed by Marconi Marine. In 1978 I moved to RSL as ER/O and joined the Amparo in Acapulco.

My Discharge Book then lists the following ships:
Amparo 27/7/78 - 19/12/78 - Master T.R. McNulty
Tacoma City 5/3/79 - 27/7/79
Victoria City 1/12/79 - 7/3/80 - Master G. Garlick
Port Alberni City 25/5/80 - 9/9/80 - Master J. Porteous
Prince Rupert City 8/11/80 - 1/4/81 - Master D. Jack
Cardiff City 3/7/81 - 21/12/81 - Masters D. Jack & J.J. Kalnins
Amparo 16/3/82 - 23/9/82 - Masters R.K. Stuart & R.E. Skinner
Bibi 30/1/83 - 8/7/83 - Master L.R. Staines
Silvia Sofia - 2/10/83 - 26/4/84 - Master B. Boyer

In 1984 I left RSL and took on shore-based contract work in Saudi Arabia, firstly as an air traffic control comms-tech in Riyadh and then supporting port operations in Dammam and Jubail. By coincidence, I bumped into John Kalnins in Jubail, who was also working in the port.

When I came back to the UK, I got married and then settled down to more regular employment, ending up in the defence industry. First working for GEC-Marconi Avionics, then Racal Communications and finally Thales Sensors.

Following a minor stroke I took early retirement in 2006 and so my wife, Marie, and I are now just "busy doing nothing" in our quiet corner of Lincolnshire. I have some fond (if fuzzy!) memories of the "good old days" with RSL which my later career moves never quite managed to match.

October 2011.

I remember you from "Bibi", January to April 1983 - I left the ship in Osaka at end of April.
Hope you are fully recovered from your health problem now, and look forward to hearing more from you in due course. Tony Lightfoot. Posted on forum 20 October 2011.