David Edge

I was the Radio Officer on Port Alberni City Xmas 1973 that tried to organise a trip for the children to see the vessel when in Nanaimo. Unfortunately we arrived as the school ended term so we only managed to get a song played over the local Nanaimo Radio Station. We sent some info and pictures which I hope you all received. Not sure if you will remember this.
I have a tape of the song by the children and will always remember "Port Alberni thats where I long to be!"
A few years ago I took my wife over to see Vancouver and Vancouver Island but we again never managed to fit in a trip to Port Alberni - this was an anniversary trip as during the 1973 visit I proposed over the telelphone from Vancouver dockside. We married in Autumn 74.
We made some Canadian friends in 1973 in Nanaimo but lost contact a couple of years later and unfortunately when we returned I could not find the street as everything had changed so much from my last visit.

The Port Alberni was a real happy ship and my first for RSL. I joined from BP and it was novel to go west instead of east after leaving the channel.
Sad to to hear about Ken Hampton and also Danny Trigg whom I sailed with on the Atlantic.

With regard to the model of the PAC - it is in its infancy. The details of 840 class on the site have been really helpful. It will probably take me most of the next year to get the bits sorted and start a build.

Something for the history page:

The Elena was my last ship – I came ashore and joined the British Aircraft Corporation in Bristol where I spent a couple of years learning Industrial processes. I then moved into computing with a small Bristol company who were using microprocessors to develop hand print recognition devices. During this time worked on microprocessors and microcomputers before the PC became a household item. We were eventually taken over by Ferranti Computer Division and further specialised in hand print recognition and the use of microprocessors in communication and control. On the demise of Ferranti I went into lecturing at Bristol but after a few years moved back into industry running a microcomputer manufacturing company. 12 years ago went back into education first via education liaison with Airbus/British Aerospace and then lecturing at the City of Bristol College. Became a manager (Head of School) in the Computing and Digital Communication Faculty. Still work at the college in a different role but keep in touch with the computing and communication side.

Sailed on:
Port Alberni City - Sept 73-Feb 74
Atlantic City - April 74-Aug 74
Prince Rupert City - Nov 74-Apr75 (wife accompanied me)
Sara Lupe - Jul 75-Dec 75
Vancouver City - Mar 76-Jun 76
Elena - Oct 76-Mar 77

October 2011.