Paul Heyman

Sailed with Mike Cox and Gas (Paul Deschamps) on a few occassions I think it was the Silvia Sofia and Port Alberni. Sailed with Stones (Andy Hobin) on the mighty Tula.

I was on the Devon City with Geoff Birrell when Reardon Smith went through. We were in Rotherdam for 2 months. We were paid by Nat West bank to look after the ship until new owners bought it. Had to pay for my Chiefs ticket myself and then CSM took me back as Second Engineer on the Lerma.

I enjoyed the Mexican ships athough the car carriers were a little monotonous

Good to see that you have all done well and stayed at sea on what sounds like a good company. 6100 teu is a little different from the Silvia Sofia + Bibi. I saw the Bibi in Newport a few years ago and it certainly brought back some memories. A far cry from taking the lifeboat with Capt Lightfoot (I think) + ships company from Manzanillo to Las Hadas. Great times and memories!

I left the sea about 89/90. My last ship was the Cordoba. Have been in shore side Engineering and Building Management since leaving the sea. I dont do much engineering now but it still comes in useful.
Certainly miss the sea although I'm sure that its not what it used to be. Would like to try it again but it wouldnt be practical. Bbq's and bar lunches must be a thing of the past. I remember Mulesy putting on fish and chip nights on the Bibi. That and Betamax films!! You must get Satelite TV now?

Married Kathy in 92. 3 Kids Tom (18), Emma (15) and Molly (12). Live in Cardiff.

October 2011.