Julian Rockey

.....there I was,, innocently scanning Ebay for some rubbish or other and somehow I found myself looking at a postcard of the Devon City..... and was filled with nostalgia of surprising and pleasing intensity.

It happens now and then,,,,, something triggers a memory or an attitude in me,,,,, and I swear I can smell diesel and feel the deck rolling on a long swell,,,.

I only served in the Merchant Navy for a short while but the experience has left an indelible mark on my self that hasn't washed out even after nearly 40 years,,,,,

I would be pleased to say hi to anyone that fondly remembers me,,,,,,,,,,,,, or not! jools@in.com

Devon City 1970,, Vancouver City 1971 and Indian City 1971 to 1972,, the voyages before and after the car-carrier re-fit.

After stepping ashore for the last time I continued to work hands-on as an engineer until 1985 when I threw the overalls away and put on the suit of Engineering Buyer and Resource Controller. 1999 brought the opportunity of voluntary redundancy and the chance of achieving a long term desire of working for pleasure,,,getting some new overalls and melting bronze into arty shapes. My legs gave me notice to quit in 2009 and even though I got two new knee joints, I had to make the decision to shut the foundry and retire. And that's where I remain,,,, on the beach,, retired,, living quietly in a cottage in the remote Welsh hills with my wife Jane,, two dogs and the cat

September 2011.