John B Ainsworth

I came accross the forum quite by accident and have since read every thread. I was employed by WRS from 1966 and sailed on the Australian City 12/07/66 to 7/7/67, Orient City 5/10/67 to 22/7/68, New Westminster City 12/10/68 to 7/5/69, Welsh City 14/8/69 to 6/1/70, Indian City 19/8/70 to 17/2/71 and finally Fresno City 6/5/71 to 1/12/71. I am now living in retirement on the South African West Coast having worked in Africa since 1976. There are lots of names I cannot put faces to but it was good to see Robbie Bell still having his daily tipple, we sailed to-gether on the NWC were I was 3E at that time. I am sure there is someone out there who can jog my memory as to were we sailed too and who was who and just maybe I'll be able to relate a story or two.



August 2011.