Graham Williamson

My Father Fred Williamson was second cook on the New Westminster City (engaged 22/1/42) which was berthed in Murmansk Russia when it was bombed by the enemy, he was subsequently awarded the British Empire Medal for his actions during that raid.
I have a letter from the offices of Sir William Reardon Smith and Sons advising my Grandmother that he was safe and his Seamans Discharge Book shows him being discharged from the New Westminster City / Bradford as it was abandoned following enemy action.Dischrged 3.4.42
However Looking through the lists of the vessels owned at the time by the Reardon Smith Family I see no record of this vessel does anyone have any information at all on this vessel?

The vessel you refer to was built in 1929. In April 1942 she was bombed and sunk in Murmansk with the loss of two crew members.
However, in March 1947, she was raised by the Russians and towed back to Penarth where she was repaired.
In 1948 she was sold to Irish Owners and renamed "Dingle Bay"
In 1951 she went to the Japanese and renamed "Asakazu Maru"
She was finally broken up in 1965
The above information recorded in Heaton's History of a South Wales Shipping Venture.
We are pleased that you found your way to our website and to have contact with someone closely connected with the vessel.
For your information, Reardon Smith built three further vessels by that name. John Cann. Posted on the Forum 21 July 2011.

July 2011.