Tex Graham-Russell

Ships I sailed on

I was employed by RSL and CSM from 1963 till 1995. Looking through my Discharge Books I have sailed on a lot of ships. The following is a list of ships that I have sailed on. Some of the ships I have sailed on more than once.
Queen City x 2,Orient City x 3, Houston City, Welsh City (1968) x 2, Wilkawa, Chiyoda, Indian City x 2,Atlantic City, New Westminster City (840), Cardiff City, Eastern City, Vancouver City, Prince Rupert City, Josefa, Welsh City(1980), Tacoma City, Amparo x 5, Sivia Sofia x 5, Bibi x 4, Lerma x 3, Cordoba, Sonia M x 2, Tepozteco, Guanajuato x 4,Azteca 1, Tepzteco II.
My best voyages were before containerisation and Car Carrying.

January 2011.