Jim Murray

I am Jim Murray’s youngest daughter Fiona. To update you Dad unfortunately died in 1994 and also Mum in 1998 both of cancer.
I have many happy memories from my childhood of my time spent on board the ships. We did two six month trips with dad the first starting in 1970 on the Atlantic City,we flew out to Japan on my 8th birthday and spent 6 months carrying Iron ore from Goa to Japan. Fiona Martin. June 2011.

Having read Fionas posting with great interest, I surmise that Jim and I were probably the same "vintage". Strangely, though, our paths never crossed.
I would like to know if she can let us know when he started his Apprenticeship and what year he was promoted Master.I'm sure he was ahead of me. John Cann. Posted on forum 1 July 2011.

I apologise for the delay in replying to your message John, but to answer your questions, looking through Dad's papers his Certificate of Competency as Master of a Foreign-Going Steamship (you will understand this better than me) is dated March 1961, but his first voyage as Master (according to his discharge book) was on the New Westminster City May 1969 from Houston to November 1969 in New Orleans. If its any help for 'vintage' Dad would have been 80 last year. Fiona Martin. Posted on forum 25 January 2012.