Dick Gibbons

We regret to report that Dick Gibbons passed away on 30th September 2012 after a short illness. Dick was a popular Radio Officer and well liked amongst those of our era. No doubt there are still a few of us left who had the pleasure of sailing with him. R.I.P.

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After leaving RSL I did freelance sparks and superintending jobs for Govan for a year or so, Organising Secretary with the Radio Officers Union for a short spell then Company rep with EB Communications (a Norwegian company) for 20 years, eventually helping to do R/O’s out of a job by flogging satellite communications to shipowners.

I retired at 60 due to arthritis problems but got that under control by a daily swimming routine which I keep up and am now enjoying my retirement living in London with reasonable health and mobility.  I never married so am free to dally as I please and frequently visit friends and relatives for long spells in Australia .  Dick Gibbons

April 2011.