John Hewson

Good day to you both !

It has been some years since we were last in touch. Mike I met at the last RSL re-union but I cannot remember when I last spoke to Eric.

The years have flown by but like so many other ex – Smith personnel  I can only remember the good times during my sea-going career. (September 1959 to December 1977 from Engineer Cadet to Chief Engineer)

At present I am Managing Partner of a Marine Survey Company in United Arab Emirates and should be retired !!!! Having spent the last 30 odd years in the Middle East I should be used to the area but the present Political uncertainty is almost beyond belief. Hopefully nothing will change here in the Emirates.

It is interesting to see so many names that I remember on the web site but also there were many more that are missing. Jon Hewson. March 2011.

As my offspring chose to return to the U.A.E. after University we are still here but now living in Ras Al Khaimah which is much quieter and more relaxing !!
I miss Port Eynon but one cannot always choose what happens to ones life !!! The inshore lifeboat is still active but I believe that they miss the Chairman's support. Jon Hewson. December 2014.