Matthew Dawson

My Grandfather, Matt Dawson was with RS shipping for many years. He was at some time Ch Elec. Eng on Queen City, and so I understand may have been fleet Ch.elec Engineer.
I am looking for information as to his date, year & place of birth.
He ended up in Sunderland mid 60's. His wife was Ellen
Maybe someone remembers him and can help me with my search. Thanks. Bob Hill. Posted on forum 24 February 2011.

Hello, Bob. Thanks for your posting. It's good to hear from you. Queen City was before my own time in the company, but I know we have several members who either sailed on the vessel, or who are at least familiar with her. It is interesting to note that you think your father may have become Electrical Super in the company, and that being the case, I would expect you will receive answers to your query from someone. Mike Jones. Posted on forum 24 February 2011.

Bill. Further to my response to you yesterday, it seems that John Cann, one of our Moderators, actually sailed with your grandfather, and a photograph of them both together, in Torreviejo, whilst serving aboard the Homer City, can be found in our Photo Library.
I understand that by now, John may well have sent you a copy. We have also added it to the webpage of the Homer City. Mike Jones. Posted on forum 25 February 2011.

Your grandfather was indeed Chief Electrical Engineer on the m/v Queen City when it sailed from Doxford's on the maiden voyage January 1950.
It was a time of big changes in the Reardon Smith Line as this ship was all electric we carried two electricians. Your grandfather worked on the vessel during its construction.
I was 2nd Officer and remember your grandfather well as a great gentleman with a ready smile. Nothing seemed to bother him. In the 130 degree heat in Massawa we were the only two who turned up in the saloon for a meal.
He had great tales of when he was in the Royal Flying Corp in World War 1. I think he was about 52 years of age in 1950. Date of birth:1898.
I have answered your request because there are few still around who will remember your grandfather. Griff Jones. Posted on forum 25 February 2011.

Firstly let me welcome you to the Forum, and secondly, I had the good fortune to sail with your Grandfather on the m.v."Homer City" in 1959/60. You will already have received the photo of the pair of us out on deck in front of a heap of salt which we were loading for Japan.
As Griff has already mentioned- he enjoyed regaleing us with tales of his service in the Royal Flying Corps. Pretty hairy times indeed for aviation!!
. I'm afraid I have no idea of his age at that time, but from the pic you will agree he was (shall I say) fairly advanced in years! It was 52 years ago- and I am now 78 so the memories fade.
Anyway, I'm well chuffed to be able to connect with you and your Grandfather. John Cann. Posted on forum 26 February 2011.