John Crawford

Hello Eric
This is a blast from the past, I was only informed about this website yesterday by Robbie Bell,  ex Chief with smiths, when looking at it lo and behold your name turns up.
If you remember me John Crawford  “alias doctor diesel”  maybe a self opinionated little sod , But we three survived.
One of the highlights was when we went for a run in the lifeboat from Freemantle to Perth  and the engine stopped because the fuel tank was turned off. I have a photo of the occasion somewhere if I can find it I will send you a copy
If you remember my wife joined us in Rotterdam for 10 days or so when she was expecting our oldest son. Of course you all new about the problems she had with a helicopter journey in bad weather. He is now 51. If you remember in 1960 the government stopped national service, I like many others  never went back to sea, especially after the trauma of my sons birth.
I worked at my trade all my working life, in among the fishing industry and did 4 years on a ferry at Inverness in the highlands between 1967-71 then came back to Berwick and worked in a local
Engineers for 31 years and finished as works foreman responsible for all the work we did.

After I came ashore we had another two children . We were married 51 and a half years when unfortunately I lost my wife to Cancer last February.
I too have had a spat with big C having a tumour on my Oesophagus which was successfully removed 3 years ago.

How’s that for a quick resume of over 50 years?

February 2011.