Andrew Redman

I have just joined the site tonight to find that the photographs of the Indian City are from my first voyage as a Deck Cadet. I joined the ship in Norfolfk in Virginia on October 1975 with another 1st time deck cadet called Adrian Tanner. I wonder what happened to Adrian?
I never took one photograph whilst at sea and so imagine my surprise to see photographs of my first voyage. I am so pleased to find your site as I have not met any one that I ever sailed with and it is wonderful to hear of them and to see what they are doing.
My story is - I left the sea after 10 years to follow my passion - Art. after evening classes and a foundation course in Art I took a Degree and then a PGCE in Art and now after 20 or so years I am Head of Art in a secondary school in Leicester.
Thanks again for the site - and I will have a look around and check up on all the ships I sailed on. If you want to add my details to the list please do and if anybody would like to get in touch then I would be happy to, you never know I could see more photos of what I did when I was a lad.

I remember Tony Lightfoot very well, he and I chatted a lot which was some what unusual in the circumstances. He will not remember me but I have thought of him often over the years.
I have attached the second page of my discharge book up until the Amparo after which I was in the Dreadnouhgt Seamans Hospital at Greenwich for two weeks. I think it closed in 1985 or 6
I went to college a few months later after I had recovered. I qualified as a second mate and was made redundant after I finished my cadetship. Could not get a job because I had no experience and could not get experience because I had not had a job. So - Home trade for one trip on the Helmsman, a product carrier and then worked for John Swires and the Swire Pacific Offshore company sailing as Mate on oil rig supply ships, Dive support vessels, anchor handling Tugs and specialist ships around the far east, Borneo, Bruni, Malaya, Java, Sarawak, Singapore, Philippines, Japan and India. All Panamanian registered ships. Very interesting, some times exciting, and often dangerous work.

February 2011.