Paul Davies

Just a quick message to say "hello"! I've just stumbled across this website/forum whilst trying to avoid doing some work!

I had the pleasure of being an engine cadet with Reardon Smith (Fairwater - Silvia Sofia & Amparo - Glasgow) in the early 1980's (I believe I was actually the very last one recruited, which is a somewhat dubious claim to fame!).
On qualifying I did a few trips with Geest as a J4e/reefer and then, following a nasty knee injury whilst en route to Barbados, I gave up deep sea and spent a couple of years on aggregate dredgers. I also spent some time as a yacht engineer in the Med.

I came ashore in the late 80's, working in building services before retraining in a totally different field. When not working I spend my time sailing and doing work with the RNLI, so am still very much messing about in/on/with boats.

I see a few familiar names on here and occasionally bump into ex RSL people.

9 February 2010.