Chris Kirton

I was taken on as an engineer cadet half way through the 4 year cadteship by RSL after my original sponsors folded. Sailed on 'Fresno City' and 'Prince Rupert City' 79/80 as cadet and 'Cardiff City' 1981 as a fiver before being made redundant. Then worked for Bowering Bulk Carriers and Haverton Shipping (Containers) before joining Kuwait Oil Tankers in 84 where I spent a few years before my employers ceased paying me when one Mr. Hussain sent his tanks into Kuwait City in 89. Then Was with CSM up to 93 as 2/E on 'Lerma', 'San Marcos', 'Azteca 1' and 'Aya II' then C/E on 'Aya II' (for past sins no doubt) Also sailed on the 'Emerald Ray' (relieved Denis Archbold) with Ian Stutt which was probably the worst vessel I sailed on in my entire seagoing career. Following the 'Emerald Ray' I was offered a 'Supers' job in Cardiff by Phil Price but turned this down to join P&O Tankships as a super instead! Briefly went back to sea for a couple of trips on Chemical Tankers in 1995 with Jardine's and have been ashore ever since. Worked in Dubai 1996 to 2001, then Singapore 2002 to 2007, then Melbourne where the family have finally settled, except I am now working back in Singapore as MD at World Tanker Management!

Novenber 2010.