Fred Taylor

I was a Radio Officer with RSL from November 1969 to February 1977. I then spend some time ashore with Marconi Marine in Grimsby before returning to sea with AMPTC, Kuwait and Golotrade Shipping of New York (with a couple of spells ashore with Thorne Ericssons of S****horpe)I finally finished sailing with dutch companies with a recruitment company called Viking (Registered in Gibraltar) of Dover. Came ashore in 1992 and returned to college in Grimsby to obtain HNC in Instrumentation, Power and Control. Have worked ever since as and Instrument Technician and 5 years ago promoted to Instrument Supervisor. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I did attend the 2002 reunion. It would be nice to have another one. Posted on forum 26th December 2009.