Carl Broughton

Greetings from Canada
I joined RSL as an engineer cadet in 79, 2 years at Fairwater then trips on the Welsh City and Port Alberni City. After completing apprenticeship in Glasgow, sailed as 4th engineer on Cardiff City, later to be the Eastern Valley, Amparo and Tacoma City, which included laying up at Blackwater. Was then laid off as the company folded. Did one more short trip on the Yaqui and that was my sea going career done.
Emigrated to Canada in 86 and married Leanne, whom I met on my 2nd trip as apprentice in Vancouver.
Started out in mechanical systems maintenance in commercial buildings then moved on the BC Place Stadium (the Dome) for 13 years as a steam / mech. maintenance engineer. While there I worked on getting my trade papers as a refrigeration engineer.
Moved across town to Canada Place as a shift engineer in the power plant then did a short stint as a mobile service engineer for a refrigeration company.
Am currently at Children's Hospital in Vancouver, as the site refrigeration engineer. Really enjoy working there, Leanne says it has to be my "retirement job" as she can't handle another career move!!
We have been living in Ladner for the past 21 years. Ironically, Ladner is 5 minutes from Roberts Bank, my first port of loading as a cadet. We have a son 17 and daughter 20.
I had kept a logbook of all the places I had sailed to and people I sailed with but sadly I cannot seem to locate it in 20 years of clutter!!
Reading some of the names on the forum brought back some good memories. One person I really remember is Dave Simons. Sailed with him several times but was a great mentor to me on my second trip as apprentice on the Port Alberni City. He was 3rd eng. Carl. Posted on forum 28/11/09