John Howell

If The Devil cast his net ?????? happy.gif Well it is nice to see a few familiar names here.

I am now living in Edinburgh having retired from Ben Line and Atlantic Drilling and life of drilling derricks and rotary tables. There were a few familiar names seen around the pubs and bars
in oilfield cities such as Jack Barnes...Iain Evans...and Pete Reynolds and many more I forget.

It has been great seeing all those faces at reunions so I hope we are preparing for another that will be in Zimmer range of most of the country. 6th May 2009.


It was the milk mans fault! I had no success applying to various shippig companies. This point being discussed by one and all partaking of the local gossip of a village and the milkman thought it was an oversight that I had not done the obvious and applied to a local company like Smiths! The rest is history and like others I still see my self as a Smiths man. Don t regret a minute of it including the time spent sharing the AO's with Danny and others. Never a dull moment however things did improve a wee bit with the installation of the Pielsticks. In all I seem to have been with the Welsh and Cornish for about 4 years! Not only did they get great runs but were surprisingly happy ships considering the way things could go bump in the night! Posted on forum 19 April 2013.