World War I - A history of Reardon Smith Ships

With the world currently remembering the events and history of WW1, I thought I would take the opportunity to put together what we know of the involvement of the Reardon Smith fleet during those mindless years.
In doing so, as well as describing the events that beset the company during the actual conflict, I have also included details of the ships both leading up to the outbreak of the war and to the years that followed.
Understandably, and ever mindful of the fact that so much of Smith’s history went up in smoke when Merthyr House was destroyed by fire in 1946, first hand information is somewhat thin on the ground. However, by dividing the narrative into two parts, namely losses and the gains, it has been possible to create something of a potted description of events. Though somewhat anecdotal in context, it at least gives us some idea of what the Reardon Smith men endured aboard the fleet.

This pdf file has been made up by Mike Jones. Click here to see the full article




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