Ships laid up in Cardiff

In the late fifties and early sixties several of the wartime Reardon Smith ships were laid up in Cardiff

Orient City and Madras City laid up in Cardiff

This photo shows the Orient City and Madras City laid up in Cardiff docks in February 1958. The Orient City is no longer a Reardon Smith ship !!  If you look very carefully you will be able to make out a chap on a stage on the funnel painting out the black “S”  !!  I can’t recall who bought her, but I do remember that the Madras City was sold to Pakistani interests, renamed “Chittagong City” and sailed away under the command of Captain Boucher. Tony Lightfoot.

I was involved with the "Vancouver City(2)". She was laid up in Cardiff in December 1962 awaiting a buyer.The Office instructed me to join her as "Standby Officer" She was maintained in a semi operative condition by myself, Norman Parselle (Cat.Off) and an Engineer.
The winter of 1962/3 was very cold with copious snow etc. In fact there was difficulty getting in and out of Cardiff Docks. The vessel was tied up stern to the quay with 2 anchors down, so access was by a ladder over the poop rail. At least the Company provided a television but the generator was shut down overnight, so it depended on whether the Engineer wanted to see a late night programme!
In February 1963,I was relieved to join the "Great City" for an epic 12 month voyage.
"Vancouver City" was disposed of shortly afterwards, to become the "Everbloom" . John Cann.
Posted on forum 3 January 2012.

I was also on the "!Vancouver City" when she laid up in Cardiff, and I eventually left her on 11th November 1962. We had the "luxury" of a skeleton crew, with several Engineers on board and we were looked after by the two Chief Stewards Bob Beasey and Bob Finlay, and I must say they looked after us very well. I recall John Cann being "in the offing" along with Peter Radford and Alois Prasser, and occasional excursions to check out Yates Wine Lodge. Tony Lightfoot. Posted on forum 5 January 2012.



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